As Winter draws closer, our thoughts turn to our interiors once more; after all, we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors at this time of year. An idea that’s received a lot of press attention recently is the old Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hooga’). It doesn’t translate exactly in to English, but if you think somewhere between ‘cosiness’ and ‘ambience’, you’ll be in the right area. Hygge has come to mean creating a warm, friendly atmosphere, particularly in the long cold winters in Denmark. Think candlelight, open fires and entertaining friends. So it’s not just about your furnishings, it’s about the feeling you’re creating.

Sounds a bit complicated? Well, don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds and autumn and winter are the perfect times to bring a little hygge in to your life.

Take inspiration from the cosy, tactile textures of natural fibres such as wool and sheepskin, which along with all things ‘from nature’ are on trend for 2015 and fit perfectly in to the hygge idea. It doesn’t have to be expensive; think along the lines of a knitted cushion perhaps, or a woollen throw. Cool greys and neutral tones are also big this winter but if you’re not won over by several shades of grey, the natural theme extends to fabrics and textiles inspired by nature. Leaf and animal motifs abound on the high street in all shades and colours. Liberty prints are always popular and their flowing, floral patterns are especially on-trend.

Alongside this simple, almost rustic theme, is a trend for products, particularly pottery and ceramics which look as if they could be home-made, or at least not mass produced. There’s nothing to stop you turning your hand to the creative arts of course, but it’s not something many people are confident with. This doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly expensive; supermarkets are becoming fashion-led, with affordable and stylish interiors and homewares.

So, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Not many people have the budget, time or indeed inclination to redecorate and refurnish their house every season. And with the high street and even the supermarkets getting in on the act, there’ll be something out there to suit your wallet. A couple of good quality scented candles and a couple of new cosy cushions will go a long way to start creating a little hygge magic.