Glass Table Care



These are a few important points to consider with regards to the treatment of your glass furniture:

Do not use sharp pointed objects on or against the glass.

Do not stand or sit on the glass.

Do not use the glass surface as a workbench or chopping board.

Make sure you do not bump up against anything when moving glass furniture.

Always move the furniture with two people; do not slide it.

Do not place glass on a hard surface without protection.

Use coasters for cups or glasses, hot or cold, to protect the glass surface from any heat and getting damp attracting dirt.

If you are serving food at the table, use place mats for the same reason. Be very careful where hot items and food come into contact with the glass as these could damage the surface finish.

Avoid the tables being used as a dumping ground for any number of items. This can easily lead to the glass being scratched accidently.

If you are accessorising any table, take care to place the item on a protective coaster as even the slightest movement could scratch the glass surface.

When cleaning your glass furniture do not use washing powders or any other substances that contain abrasives, as these substances scratch glass.

Please take care when handling or moving any furniture as careless handling may cause damage or injury.

If the glass is chipped or broken please stop using the product.